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Enter to Win Happy Kid Toolkit Training for Your School!

The Happy Family Coach

Coming to Your School!

Enter Happy Family Coach’s Back to School Challenge for a chance to win Happy Kid Toolkit Training for the entire faculty, staff, parents and students at one elementary, middle or high school for the 2019-20 academic year (and one Happy Kid Toolkit per classroom to go with it, of course).

Share why your school (whether you are a teacher, student or parent) would benefit from bringing the Happy Kid Toolkit and Happy Kid Toolkit Training into every classroom as a way to handle conflict, address bullying without shame, redirect Helpless Baby behavior without enabling/disabling, and empowering everyone (adults included) to become Happy Kids who make peace with Reality, rather than fighting against it. After all, Happy Kids see opportunities for growth instead of problems! Be sure to complete the form below before midnight on Friday, July 26. The top three schools will be announced via social media. The winning school will be voted on by the public so be sure to share with your friends and encourage people to vote for your school!


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