What is the Happy Family Coach Training™ Program?


The Happy Family Coach Training™ program is a child-friendly model for conflict resolution that facilitates team building. It positions challenges as growth opportunities, rather than problems. This model works every time that it's used with right intention and sincerity. Together, we help children and their family members learn how to own their part in every situation, without blame or shame.


What is certification all about?

What is certification
all about?


The Happy Family Training™ program is an 8-lesson online course that introduces the four building blocks of Happy Family Coaching™.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming Happy Family Coach™ events and keep an eye on registration deadlines for the Happy Family Training™ program!  


This course was life changing for me. It trained me to look at myself, others and circumstances through a clearer lens. The impact is applicable to every sense of my life. I am a better friend, wife, leader and mentor. You will leave this course wanting more! 

~ Cam, Certified RFFK Presenter