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Parenting with Reality™ - Boys to Men

  • The Happy Family Coach - Board Room 100 Cherokee Boulevard (map)

What does it really mean to raise a self-responsible young man?

As parents, we want to be effective leaders and disciplinarians. We truly want to set healthy boundaries at home for our tween and teen boys, but we secretly fear they won't like it. Or worse, they won't like us! We all have a limited story we believe that we pass on to our children by playing it out with them on the Unhappy Kid Triangle. Come learn how to use Reality (what is) to effectively move to the The Happy Kid Triangle.

Happy Kids make peace with Reality. Reality is just the way things are, right now. Reality doesn't ask us if we like it - it simply happens, for our greater good.  Through life circumstances and daily events our sons are being refined and polished. They are learning from the natural consequences (positive and negative) of the choices they make. All of this is by design - our boys are on a journey towards becoming the men God created them to be. Why would we want to get in the way of that? 

This weekly group is open to individuals, educators, and parents who are eager to learn a Reality based method for teaching boys how to be self-responsible and 'Happy Kids/Men' by choice. 

Each 1 hour 30 minute group includes :

  • Various Teaching and Discussion Topics
    • Handouts & materials provided
  • Happy Family Training™
    • Introduction to the Happy Kid Toolkit™
    • Discover your defense strategy, role and movement around the Unhappy Kid Triangle™
  • Role Playing with The Happy Kid Toolkit™
    • Opportunities to role play difficult parenting situations
    • Discover healthier ways to communicate instead
  • Discussion / Prayer / Q&A
    • Looking Ahead/Catching Up: We will open each class with guided meditation and prayer
    • Key Verse: We will apply scripture to the weeks topic and to any role playing scenarios
    • Discovery Questions: Questions for group discussion
    • Prayer Direction: At the end of each session we will come together to pray. Praying together is one of the greatest privileges of group life.
    • Diving Deeper: Each week, we will be directed to apply scripture and steps off the Unhappy Kid Triangle™ from The Happy Kid Toolkit™ user guide for greater understanding of the topic and peace

Parenting with Reality™ Group is held weekly
Group meets every Tuesday
**This Group begins on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Register now as space is limited

Group Fee: $45 per group session or $160 per month
Bring your own lunch, notebook and or journal