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Victim Free Parenting & Reality Kids Camp Weekend

  • DuBose Conference Center 635 College Street Monteagle, TN, 37356 United States (map)

For Individuals, Families, and Parents who are eager to learn a Reality based, kind method for teaching children how to be self-responsible and happy kids by choice.

Join Lynne Forrest, originator of The Reality Formula™ and Danielle Alvarez-Greer, Co-founder and owner of The Reality Formula For Kids™ for this two day work­shop when we bring families together for a two track program (Lynne with adults, while Danielle works with the kids ages 4-14 years old) to learn all about life lived in Unhappy Kid Consciousness (otherwise known as victim consciousness – a mental state in which we see the external world as the cause of our unhappiness).

Learn about the limited story you believe and how you pass on that stressful story to your children by playing it out with them on the victim triangle (a.k.a the Karpman Drama Triangle). Come witness firsthand The Reality Formula For Kids™ at work in real time, and learn how to use the Guiding Principles for Reality to effectively move to the higher triangle, a.k.a. The Happy Kid Triangle. Kids, and adults too, learn what it looks like to truly take responsibility for ourselves in ways that empower us, rather than to blame ourselves and others for the misery and unhappiness we feel.

Lynne will guide the adults through a body aware­ness practice that will help iden­tify stuck physical patterns of victimhood, and will share with you practical methods, such as guided imagery, and tools for awareness that are designed to help you liberate your consciousness.  Learn to cul­ti­vat­e peace and self-empowerment instead.

Danielle will gather the children for a two day experience of Reality Kids Camp, two busy and fun-filled days, where real life situations are used to teach and guide children to recognize when they are in unhappy kid consciousness, and how to choose differently for better results.

There will be points of intersection when adults and children come together for family work on the Reality mat (a tool used in teaching families about the lower and upper triangles). These are powerful, short sessions when the whole group learns from the situations that arise and children are given a chance to explore their own family dynamics.

Dur­ing these two days you will …

  • Discover your own story and the personal reality you create with it
  • Explore your primary role on the Reality Mat, and learn how your family moves around it
  • Learn how to transform bullying dynamics in your family and work place
  • Learn a Reality Formula for transforming Unhappy Kid (Victim) Consciousness
  • Expe­ri­ence Powerful Guided Imagery that can shift your perception towards peace
  • Expe­ri­ence Inner Peace & Meditative Calmness
  • Restore your Connection with Family and God
  • Develop Better Communication with Your Family and Others

We are now holding these workshops at a new venue! The DuBose Conference Center is an awesome space that has lots of incredible amenities, includes lodging and delicious meals while you are at the workshop!! We are so excited about this wonderful new venue! Not only is it located in beautiful Monteagle, TN, but it is family-friendly, and it also allows us to save money (and pass that value along to you)..and open up the worksop to comfortably handle more participants!!

Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and Sunday Breakfast and Lunch are INCLUDED in the cost of the workshop, as well as the lodging on Saturday night!! So, you can come to the workshop without having to worry about where you will stay or eat while you are attending the workshop, which will allow you to focus on what you came to focus on!

We love our early registrants! Therefore:
$950 Individual / $1800 per Couple plus $400 per additional family member (or children under age 14)
IF registered by Discount Deadline of Friday, May 5, 2017.
Non-refundable deposits required: $500 for individuals / $700 for couples

After May 5, registration fee increases to the regular rate of:
$1050 for Individuals, and $1900 for Couples, plus $500 per additional family member (or children under age 14).
Non-refundable deposits required: $500 for individuals / $700 for couples

To register please fill-out a workshop registration form

*This workshop is required to complete Reality Formula For Kids™, Level One Certification.
**14 con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion hours of credit for com­plet­ing this program.